Setting a Run

Setting a Run

How to set a Broome Hash Run


SINGLE ARROW or SINGLE DOT OF FLOUR indicates the true trail. Call “ON ON” at this point.

CIRCLE or DOUBLE DOT OF FLOUR indicates the trail changes direction. Now it’s time for the fast runner to find out which trail continues to be the true trail.

By the time the fast runners have found out where the run continues, the walker should have arrived at the check point

CIRCLE WITH A CROSS or THREE DOT OF FLOUR means you have to check back to the CIRCLE or DOUBLE DOT OF FLOUR and check for the true trail.

FISH HOOK with 3 or 4 lines, means the 3 or 4 first runners need to go back to the end of the pack, which most times will be the slowest walkers.

There are variations on these marks depending on the terrain and/or who is the hare


Trail setting suggestions & tips

  1. A good run length is about 5-6km (3-5km walkers) or approximately one hour.
  2. Try to have the walkers on the same trail as the runners with a few short cuts. The walkers will take about 50% longer time to complete the same distance as the runners, so the check points and Hash Hold should help to keep the group together.
  3. Minimum one drink stop about half way will help keep the pack together and happier.
  4. Always mark the trail at least in 100m intervals and at all intersections.
  5. Try to put your marks under street lights for night runs, don’t get too clever and hide your marks or make the run a marathon.
  6. Don’t make the false trails longer than 200m.
  7. Give a brief description of the run and Hash Hold (drink stop) to the Trail Master before the run.
  8. Try to make the run interesting with a song at the checkpoints or maybe organise a special treat at the Hash Hold.
  9. Remember it’s only for fun, so don’t be too serious about getting it ‘right’, some of the Best Broome Hash runs have been complete F#**ups.